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July 27, 2022
  • We will meet virtually (9) times per year (July/August off unless needed) and we will have 1 meeting in person.
  • 100% attendance is expected and critical to the long-term success of the Group.  
  • If a Member misses two (2) meetings in a year the Member becomes an agenda item. In order for a Member to continue, all Members must unanimously agree that the Member should continue.  If a Member misses more than three meetings, the Member is automatically out of the Group. 
  • If a Member arrives late or leaves before the end (10 minutes after the meeting start time or before end time), it will count as a missed meeting.
  • If a Member is unable to attend any meeting from start to finish, they must notify the Chair as soon as they know, but no later than 24 hours prior. Any no-show without communication will be treated the same as a second missed meeting.
  • Members resigning are asked to make an exit presentation to understand why the member is leaving.  
  • We invite any Member to call an emergency meeting of the Group.  Attendance at an emergency meeting is voluntary.
  • Each Member should prepare in advance to present meaningful updates and cases.  The expectation is that we are sharing information “that we wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with a friend”.
  • The goal is for every member to address their most pressing issue at each meeting.
  • Each Member will attend Moderator Training within the 1st Year of joining Real Leaders and once again every 3 years to remain sharp on the skills required to contribute meaningfully to the Collaborative.