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    How to Inspire Your Employees in 2022

    In this course you will hear from 5 speakers on how to:

    • Kill Complexity at Work (Lisa Bodell, Best-selling author of Kill the Company, CEO of Future think
    • Reignite the Burn in Your Employees (Ben Newman, Performance Coach and Host of The Burn Podcast)
    • Unleash Creativity to Unlock Results (Natalie Nixon, Best-selling Author of The Creativity Leap)
    • Turn Your Employees Into Raving Fans (Heather Monahan, Best-selling Author of Overcome Your Villains)
    • Be A Coffee Bean (Jon Gordon, Best-selling Author and Keynote Speaker)

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    Impact Rx – The Cure for Career Paralysis

    Impact Rx was designed for people stuck in the day-to-day looking to live a life of impact. After going through the 6 lessons of impact you will transform your career by becoming intentional and building a model around your intention by using your new knowledge of accounting, customers, and capitalism.

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    Keynote Speeches

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    Real Leaders Magazine

    Access all of Real Leaders archives, guides, and tools for social impact success.
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    Real Leaders Moderator Training – How To Go Deep Together

    The Real Leaders Moderator Training course, led by expert coach David Lesser, CEO of Numina helps Real Leaders Impact Collaborative members get trained to facilitate CEO forums that develop deep relationships and greater outcomes.

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    Real Leaders Virtual Speaker Summit

    The Real Leaders Virtual Speaker Summit brings the world’s greatest speakers and thought leaders to you LIVE - Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett, Cristina Mittermeier, and Pete Vargas, to name a few!

    You will learn how the Top 50 Speakers have built extremely profitable, purpose-driven businesses, shared their unique stories to increase visibility and capital, and The 4-Part Framework to Becoming a Real Leader. 

    Want to become one?