The Largest Beekeeping Service in the U.S. is Combatting Climate Change

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What’s the Buzz?

Perhaps no one knows the importance of bees better than The Best Bees Company. Founded in 2010 in Boston, the company is on a mission to improve bee health and expand the bee population. As the largest beekeeping service in the U.S., it employs 60 beekeepers in 21 operating regions and has recorded 85,000 beehive visit reports for research. The Best Bees Company installs and maintains honeybee hives on commercial and residential properties in urban centers and uses their hives to conduct groundbreaking scientific research that positively impacts the environment.

Doing It Differently

The Best Bees Company finds itself at the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion – and environmental, social, and governance efforts. Its young and diverse urban beekeepers ensure corporate responsibility by holding up its value of inclusive innovation. This practice entails encouraging people to share observations, ask questions, and solicit feedback.

Meet Noah

Noah Wilson-Rich is the founding partner, CEO, and chief scientific officer of The Best Bees Company. He leads research in honeybee immunology and biodiversity, which is shared with research partners Google Earth, NASA, MIT, National Geographic, and Harvard University. His passion for bee health has driven profound scientific findings that aid in stabilizing food systems to combat climate change by saving pollinators.

A Demand for a Green Future

The Best Bees Company has been researching sustainability and green spaces long before larger corporations started to catch on to its importance. Now, these businesses see that investing in the environment is crucial to laying the foundation for the future. Wilson-Rich broke it down: “Sustainability and green spaces a few years ago were just something that were nice to have; they were amenities. Now they are necessities. These companies know that they’re behind the curve, and they’re going through some major corporate FOMO (fear of missing out) right now. They’re looking for other companies that are out there right now, like The Best Bees Company, that are doing biodiversity.”

Leadership Lessons from Bees

According to Wilson-Rich, bees are constantly making discoveries and sharing their findings with fellow bees to improve the flow of the pollination process. He believes that humans can learn a lot about leadership from bees. “They rely on each other as these complex systems, almost like businesses, and we can learn so much from the natural world,” he says.

The Honey Hype

Not only is the honey that is produced by The Best Bees Company hives 100% kept by the client it is serving, but the company also builds upon its community by uniting taste and

science. Through its pollinator program, it shares honey and talks about the science behind what a person tastes in it.

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