Inside the Mind of Pete Vargas: Building Your Brand

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I’m going to give you five things on how you can build your brand so you can get that domain perfected as a real leader. 

No. 1, you have to make a commitment to becoming a world class-communicator. And for some of you individually, it’s got to start with you, but it’s got to transcend into your company. Darrel Scott (founder of Rachel’s Challenge, which combats school violence to honor the victims of the Columbine High School shooting, including Darrel’s daughter) had 50 different people in his company before I left that could share their signature talk of their company, share the signature story of their company. We’ve been able to do that with so many brands, take it to an individual and then translate it into their entire organization or company. Becoming a world-class communicator is one of the most common themes of great leaders. Look at Steve Jobs. Look at Martin Luther King Jr. Look at so many incredible people, even the way that Mother Teresa communicated, and there’s this common theme. Look at Ed Mylett. You have to focus on becoming a world-class communicator in order to build your brand. 

The second thing you have to focus on is taking a stand for something. You become world-class, you begin to take a stand.

The third thing, and this is one of the ones that gets dropped all of the time, is to create multiple products and services that the world needs. It’s not your speech that’s going to change their life. It’s your products and services that are going to change their lives. Don’t fool yourself. 

The fourth thing is they have to know how to get on other people’s stages. There are tons of your ideal customers meeting right now virtually, digitally, or in person all across the world. The only thing missing is you being the one on that stage. The only thing missing is you. There is a power of getting on somebody else’s stage because they’ve spent the time and the money and the resources to build that. And they want you to come and communicate to serve their audience. That’s the power of other people, other people’s stages.

And then the fifth thing is beginning to build your own stages. Social online, digitally, yes, social stages, digital stages are more accepted than they’ve ever been before. But also physical stages are about to take over the world in the next couple of years, because people are missing the human connection.

You want to build a brand? You become a world-class communicator; you take a stand for something – let’s stop taking a stand against things; you begin to develop a product suite that can change people’s lives; you begin to get your message on other people’s stages; and you build your own stage. And watch, what will begin to happen is that the world around you will begin to shift and change and the impact that you’ll have will be so great.

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Platform expert and super connector, Pete Vargas not only has worked with some of the world’s top speakers and influencers, he has also booked over 25,000 stages worldwide and supported his clients in generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue and millions of dollars for charitable causes. Pete Vargas founded Advance Your Reach, a company with a mission to impact one billion lives through one million states across every sphere of influence. He is most widely regarded for his ability to teach people how to grow their businesses through stages. He has worked with legendary speakers including Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett and Shark Tank’s Daymond John.

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