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Welcome To Impact Rx

November 20, 2020

Welcome to Real Leaders Courses. Before you begin let’s make sure you know how to navigate this course.

There are 6 modules: Intention, Model, Profitability, Accountability, Customers, and Transformation. Start by clicking on “Intention”. Once you click on the module you will see all the video lessons under that category. Start by clicking on the first video lesson and watch all the way through.

Once you complete the video lesson click “Mark as Complete” to give you access to move onto the next lesson. You must go in order to reveal the next lesson but can always jump back to any video at any time.

The “materials tab” will be where we store all course assignments, powerpoints, downloads, or extended interview episodes. When the host says there are workshops you can download, that is where you will find them.

On the go? Download the Real Leaders App, log in, and download the full course so you can take on the airplane or offline in your remote quarantine bunker.

Once completed you will received the Real Leaders Impact Methodology Certificate that you can upload to your linkedin page to let others know you are ready to make a difference!